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Bike Helmet, Lock and Bag – Safety and comfort for your bicycle

Whether you want to secure your bike against theft, protect your head in a fall with a bike helmet or simply transport a few items without damaging them. ABUS provides the right solution for all these tasks. From basic protection to high-tech locks to protect you against theft. Or from the first bike helmet for your child to helmets for professional cyclists. Or from the wide range of sportive, elegant and functional bike bags. Click your way through the virtual world of safety and discover your perfect product!


Bicycles have always been our hobby, our passion and our job. For years we worked hard in the mountain bike business.

After work we would ride our city bikes to the local cafes and restaurants and talk about our dream of creating a new, special bike brand. One day, after stumbling across a bunch of beautiful old bike parts in a friends attic and realising just how little care and attention to detail can be found in today's city bikes, we decided that it was time to make our dream a reality. It was then that Creme was born. The journey was long but today, when we see our bicycles on the streets and the happy faces of their owners, we know it was worth it. Creme bicycles are designed and handmade in Europe. Each one is a tribute to the love for materials, details and craftsmanship. We hope that you will see these values in our bicycles and that they will bring you the same joy as they have given us.


The KLICKfix quick-release system fits on every bike. You can select from a large variety of adapters and accessories. To suit your specific needs, the KLICKfix product range offers adapters for handlebar, saddle, frame, seat post and carrier. With just one "click" the bag, basket or any other accessory is securely fastened on your bike, without the need for straps or buckles. Simply press the red button to release. You will always have the right equipment secured on your bike, carrying only those accessories you actually need for a given trip. Naturally, you can also transfer bags from one bike to another within seconds or use the same adapter for various different accessories.


Lekker Bikes – Retro, Vintage & Fixie Bike Specialists

Born in Amsterdam, raised in Australia. Founded in 2009, its the fresh aesthetics, high quality workmanship and desire for comfort that defines our bikes. Expressed seamlessly through a combination of elements taken from both Dutch cycling heritage and Australian beach culture. We care about the way we get around town everyday, about that amazing feeling of freedom while riding around. It’s a way to enjoy your city, journey and destination. We love that!


LINUS… a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.

Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50s and 60s we have created a bicycle that preserves the simple elegance and pure form of that golden era, but has all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability. LINUS is the utilitarian city bike… simple and reliable, but with a personality and style that makes you feel like you’re in an old French movie… you’re floating a little from the wine you drank at lunch… maybe instead of going back to the office you’ll take a nap under a tree, go for a swim in the sea or drop by your lover’s house…


Our goal in launching our successful bike rental was to learn what it takes to make an ideal city bicycle. In 2008, with no procrastination, we designed and built our first line of Shulz city bikes. Since then, our product line-up has been expanding every year along with our number of sales simply because we are committed to making truly great bikes!


A portable, belt-driven, folding bicycle.

STRiDA is a portable, belt-driven, folding bicycle with a distinctive ‘A’-shaped collapsible frame, designed by UK engineer and designer Mark Sanders. Aimed primarily at commuters and city dwellers whose storage space might be limited, STRiDA is designed to be simple to use, quick to fold, and easy to maintain.



Park Regis Singapore offers well-appointed 4-star modern rooms and located just 250m from Clarke Quay MRT Station. It features a fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and Rent-a-Bike Service from “Hello, Bicycle!”


Modern hotel overlooking the Singapore River a 12-minute walk from the Clark Quay entertainment area. Freebies include an area shuttle and parking. There are 2 elegant restaurants, plus a 24/7 gym, Rent-a-Bike Service from "Hello, Bicycle!" and a business centre. There's also an outdoor pool with a poolside bar/grill.


Situated on Sentosa Island, Singapore’s prime leisure district, ONE°15 Marina, Sentosa Cove, Singapore is a part of an emerging trend of hip and upscale luxury neighbourhoods, positioned to become one of the world’s most well-integrated waterfront lifestyle communities.

ONE°15 Marina, Sentosa Cove, Singapore promises to be an unprecedented lifestyle destination with a well-appointed clubhouse featuring modern facilities including a designer infinity pool, well-equipped fitness centre/ gymnasium, Rent-a-Bike Service from "Hello, Bicycle!", members’ lounge, modern spa, waterfront bistro offering international cuisine, Chinese restaurant, tennis courts, as well as 26 luxurious rooms with scenic views of the hill or marina.



Wholesomeness, Integrity, Quality & Learning.

Skateline is a business set up to promote inline skating as a safe, fun and healthy lifestyle activity for all. Our philosophy encompasses meeting the needs of skaters. We do this by ensuring that those who help us in the business are themselves skaters who have a passion for the sport. In this way, we commit to professionalism and competence.


A lifestyle with our E-Scooters consists of being environmentally friendly, saving on fuel costs, and most importantly, being free and mobile to travel whenever you want, anytime you want.