by: Busch and Muller


Battery-powered LED headlight with IQ technology. When set to HighPower mode, the high output LED inside the LED reflector shines extremely bright for up to 5 hours. In low power mode, 10 Lux are reached – for 20 hours. The electronic system (90% efficiency) shows battery capacity, charging process and condition. Supercharging is not possible.


  • 40 Lux
  • Excellent and homogenous lighting of the road. With light at close range.
  • High power: 40 Lux, 5 hours
  • Low power: 10 Lux, 20 hours
  • Approved by German road traffic regulations 


Power supply

4 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, each 2100 mAh, no memory effect. Charging time approx. 5 hours using provided charging unit. Power supply by 4 non- rechargeable AA batteries possible.


Easy mounting, convenient handling: The headlight can be tilted, pivoted and removed from its mounting bracket with one click. 


Collections: Accessories, Lights

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