Enjoy the timeless style, durability and silky-smooth ride that only a steel road frame can offer. The heart of the Echo is the beautiful lugged cromoly frame and and fork so rarely seen in todays bikes. Ideal for eating up miles, classic races or just speeding around town. It is definitely something very, very different. While testing these bikes we also made an interesting observation. If you are caught out on the road on a full carbon road bike, you will feel the pressure to be the fastest and if you are not, people will look down on you. But if you are on a bike like the Echo, all riders you meet will give you thumbs up, no matter what your pace is.


Echo benefits:

- Simple, light and fast,

- beautiful lugged steel frame and fork feels great and lasts forever,

- modern performace combined with classic looks,

- high-end powdercoat paint job for great looks and durability,

- hand built in Europe.

Every CREME bicycle goes with lifetime warranty for fork and frame. 

If you see some bikes or accessories out of stock please contact us, maybe we are receiving new shipment very soon or we can offer you something similar. Some of bikes or accessories may be ordered with very quick delivery. CONTACT US button is at the bottom right corner.