For rent


PRICES: Classic man’s, classic lady’s:

Up to 6 hours (within the same day) 30S$

Up to 12 hours (within the same day) 35S$

Up to 24 hours (next day return) 40S$

Up to 2 days (one night) 70S$

Up to 3 days (2 nights) 100S$

Up to 4 days (3 nights) - 130S$

Up to 7 days (up to 6 nights) - 160S$



BOOKING EXTENSION. To extend your booking, you need to request the extension by email, by phone or in person. Booking extensions are subject to availability of the bicycles. If all our bicycles are fully booked the next day, you must return the bicycle.


DEPOSIT. As a deposit we accept cash or your passport (ID). Your maximum Liability for damaged/lost bicycle 800S$, helmet - 80S$, Lock - 20S$, 1 light - 10S$.


OTHER CONDITIONS. In case any damages sustained to the bike - we will estimate the repair costs and deduct it from your deposit.

Our repair rates are here:  

1. Any accident/damage to the bike you will be liable for any repair costs.

2. You will be fully responsible for the bicycle during the rental period. The company will not be responsible for any harm or injury which you may sustain during the rental period, either accidentally or otherwise. In case of any road accidents by any reason, our company will not be responsible for any damages, loss or medical costs.

3. The bicycle will be handed to you in full working condition. However, if you noticed the bicycle is not working properly, please stop using the bicycle and bring the bicycle back to our rental point and we will replace you the bike.  

4. If the bicycle LOST (STOLEN) we will deduct the full amount from the deposit or 1/2 of the deposit if you provide us a police report about this case. If some part of the bike is stolen (f.e saddle or wheel) we will deduct the cost of stolen parts.

5. Bike collection is 35sgd per trip anywhere within Singapore.