The Glider is a great bike for bike paths, beaches and other recreational rides. We guarantee a smile every time you ride. It's comfortable, stylish yet at the same time practical and fast. The bike has no fenders and the front hub has a quick release system, so it's easier to pack it in the back of a car, or carry it up stairs. It has a beautiful lugged steel frame with sexy curves. The big tires ensure a smooth rolling ride on all surfaces.

Available in single speed or 3 speed versions.

Glider benefits:
- Semi upright position, an ideal compromise between comfort and speed,
- simple, reliable and easy to maintain,
- lightweight, easy to pack into a car or carry upstairs,
- steel frame makes the bicycle durable and comfortable,
- eye-catching powdercoat paint job and clear coat for great looks and durability,

- handbuilt in Europe.

 Every CREME bicycle goes with lifetime warranty for fork and frame.

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