Mini Molly 24

Any sophisticated little girl knows what bike is cool - it's the one that mum has! The Mini Molly is just that - a scaled-down Creme bike with all the style that makes them so special. The Mini Molly is not only beautiful  but also has a unique feature - a 2 speed hub with automatic shifting. Starting off from a standstill and going uphill is easy, but as soon as the bike picks up speed, the gears automatically shift up. No levers, no cables, nothing to distract the young rider from enjoying the ride. On top of that we also made sure the bike is as light as possible by using aluminium components wherever possible. The Mini Molly is awesome, really. We know because our own kids ride them! Available in two sizes, with 20” and 24” wheels.

Mini Molly benefits:

- automatic 2-speed hub makes riding easy and is an ideal solution for kids,

- geometry carefully designed and developed to maximise comfort and efficiency,

- lightweight aluminium frame and components,

- eye-catching powder coat paint job and clear coat for great looks and durability,

- front basket included,

- hand built in Europe.