Bicycle Rental

With our rental point being located in Bugis, our program is perfect for tourists and locals alike who want to see the heart of Singapore in a new way!

Ride in style with Linus Mixte 7i. With 7-Speed Internal Gear Set this bike is internally geared, which means you have the benefit of multiple gears without a cumbersome derailleur. For city riding, internal gears have many advantages. They are extremely reliable, require very little maintenance, you can shift without pedaling, and they're very easy to use.

Linus Mixte 7i available for rent in two colors (Matte Meteor and Matte Arctic Blue) and three sizes (S, M, L)

Each Rental Bicycle comes with a free cup of coffee from our friendly neighbor CLAP.

Size Recommendations for riders:

  • Size Small: 147 - 160 cm
  • Size Medium: 157 - 178 cm
  • Size Large: 167 - 183 cm

Rental rates:

  • $45 - Up to 10 hours (same day return)
  • $60 - 24 hours (next day return)
  • $80 - 3 days (2 nights)
  • $100 - 4 days (3 nights)
  • $160 - Up to 7 days (6 nights)

Comes with the bike:

  • Front and rear lights
  • Bell
  • Rear wooden crate
  • Helmet
  • Lock

Terms and conditions:

1. Working Hours
  • Our working hours 11am - 9pm, if you are not able to return the bike before closing hours you can do it on next day (extra chargers applies based on our rates).
2. Pick-up and drop-off point
  • Bugis Showroom located at 135 Middle Road, Bylands Building #01-01,  Singapore 188975.

3. Deposit
  • For method of deposit we accept either your ID, driver's license, passport or $500 cash.

    4. Maintenance, tuning and responsibility
    • Our bikes are professionally serviced weekly for the safety of our users. However, we are not responsible for the following occurrences during bike rental:  punctures / wheel rim damage / damaged frames / torn saddles / damage beyond the control of us and resultant of rider use or misuse.

    5. Responsibility for damage or loss
    • Customer agrees to return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to absorb the cost of lost or stolen, damaged or broken bicycles, parts or accessories. Therefore regardless of the party at fault, customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to said equipment.
    • Cost for damage or loss:
      Bicycle - $560 | Helmet - $65 | Front light - $10 | Rear Light - $15 | Lock - $15 | Wooden crate - $50

    6. Customer Liability
    • Customer shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss of and to personal property, accident / injury to other persons related to said rental equipment.