Bike servicing

Price-list for servicing works.


Flat tire - 16sgd + cost of the inner tube.

Simple servicing (or installation works) - 20sgd (works no more than 20min).

Medium servicing (problem solving) - 50sgd (works no more than 60min)

Check up the bicycle, tune it, clean and lube the chain and cogs - 50sgd. Same with full bicycle cleaning without disassembling sealed parts - 90sgd.

If bicycle is under the warranty we charge you only 35sgd for cleaning and lubrication the chain. Minor adjustment and bicycle checkup we will do free of charge. General cleaning is not included.

Advanced checkup and lubrication all bicycle parts (bicycle is not under the warranty) with disassembly sealed parts and assembly from 150 to 200sgd (depending on the bicycle condition, cost of the parts - if needed - not included). Same if bike is under the warranty - 80S$ for cleaning and lube, the rest of works may be free of charge it it is covered by the warranty.

Any warranty repair (covered by the warranty, please refer to the warranty conditions) - free of charge, excluding cleaning and lubrication the bicycle.

In case the scope of job is not clear - 50sgd initial charge for 1-sf hour + 40sgd per every subsequent hour.



Items bought in our retail shop to be installed in the shop (without visiting client) free of charge. 




Onsite servicing or installation works - Base charge + 50sgd + additional 40sgd per extra visit if needed.

Collecting and returning the bike to be serviced in our service centre for servicing or/and installation works - 60sgd. One way collection or returning only - 40sgd.

Cost of parts used - case by case. 


Warranty cases - free of charge BASE and ADDITIONAL charges.


This price-list or its conditions can be changed without prior written notifications. 



into the box for transportation by plane (box provided) - 50sgd


2 Jan 2015