Amsterdam NuVinci Matt Black

by: Lekker

Amsterdam NuVinci Matt Black

The Amsterdam NuVinci Elite Series represents the pinnacle of urban cycling. An urban commuter bike mastered to perfection. The full aluminium frame body is added with the award winning NuVinci N330 hub in combination with a belt drive system – a real masterpiece in engineering. The NuVinci hub offers seamless shifting through infinitely variable gears all in a range that beats any internal gear hub on the market. In combination with the lightweight aluminium body and 100% rust free components, the Amsterdam Elite series is supreme to its competitors.

Premium design by Lekker

In creation of the ultimate urban commuter bike for Australian commuters, the Lekker design team partnered up and shared hands and brains with the NuVinci crew. We went back to square one and re-design our proven classic Amsterdam frame and remade it entirely out of aluminium. Frame, fork and even the iconic “one piece” handlebar all received the lightweight and rust free treatment. To up the ante we added the premium Gates Carbon Drive belt. Through listening to our core users we understood only the best is good enough. The belt drive system comes straight from the high-end motorbikes segment and adds infallible durability, silent operation and worry free maintenance. Other highlights are the braided cables, lock on grips, stunning new color range and most of all it’s supreme cycling characteristics.

Riding around confident, fast and in style

Conquering metropolises’ worldwide goes hand in par with quality. We kept the unmistakable Lekker style and created an urban commuter bike for serious daily commuting. We believe you deserve a bike that is easy to operate, utilises proven technology and offers eye-catching minimalist design. The Amsterdam Elite Series is the flagship model of Lekker Bikes. A subtle execution of bold cycling concepts.

NuVinci N330 combined with the revolutionary Carbon Drive Technology.

The widely acclaimed and award winning NuVinci N330 gear hub allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Just twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar and the gearing is changed to any ratio within it’s range. Expect step-less shifting, a greater gear ratio and the simplicity of a supreme cycling experience.

We have choses to go next level by applying the revolutionary Carbon Drive Technology made and developed by Gates. The superior technological advantages of low noise and zero maintenance of the belt are truly irresistible. The Belt Drive lasts much longer than standard chains and has an expected running performance of approximately 20.000km (13.700 miles).

  • TIG Welded Aluminium frame
  • Gates Belt Drive Technology
  • New lightweight NuVinci N330 gear hub
  • Only 13kg
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Improved geometry
  • High quality coating

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