GlideCo GrandTourer

by: Glideco

GlideCo CityTourer 200 FRS Adult kick scooter with 200mm wheels and front suspension - Black


The GlideCo CityTourer is a practical scooter for the rider who wants a problem-free, trusty ride that can be used everyday. It is built with simplicity, quality and durability in mind.

The GlideCo CityTourer's folding mechanism uses the time-tested slot-lock design which is extremely durable. The slim and compact deck makes the scooter portable enough to use as a day-to-day commuting tool. The deck has a lower-than-axel profile which allows more relaxed kicking. The scooter comes with front suspension which dampens vibrations on rough surfaces, making long rides more comfortable. There is no rear suspension, making the scooter lighter than those with rear suspension. The kick-stand is secure and durable, same as those installed on scooters priced at $200 to $300.

Most importantly, the GlideCo CityTourer is produced bya manufacturer that also produces scooters for a major European scooter brand. So you get the quality of a branded scooter minus the branded price tag. It is probably the best quality 200mm wheel scooter with front suspension that you can buy for this price.

Available in White, Black and Silver.


  • high build quality, made by the same factory that produces for European brands
  • Fault-free old school slot-lock folding mechanism
  • Simple but solid design and parts
  • Includes carry strap
  • 1 year warranty


  • Wheels: 200mm PU
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Max load: 100KG
  • Weight: 4.2KG
  • Suspension: Front

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