LightCharge Hub USB Shimano/SP

by: HB

Compact, lightweight, and versatile charging solution!
LightCharge for Hub Dynamo is an ultra-lightweight and compact bicycle usb charger. It is compatible with standard hub dynamos such as Shimano, SP, and Schmidt. It weighs less than 2 oz installed, and it is less than 2” in diameter. LightCharge can be installed on any bicycle tube or handlebar.
LightCharge is a dual-mode charger. It has a separate leg for the bike lights in addition to the USB port, so that you can charge your phone by day, and power your lights by night. Easily switch between the two modes with a toggle switch.
A built-in voltage regulation system makes it ideal for charging iPhone 4 / 4S. Power Pack is recommended for iPhone 5. Its compact and durable design protects it from damage in the event of a fall or accident. 
-       Charges any USB-chargeable devices: smartphones, cell phones, GPS, lights, mp3, batteries
-       Great for charging iPhones 4 / 4S. Power Pack recommended for iPhone 5
-       Easily switch between charging smartphones and powering bicycle lights
-       Light, compact, and highly energy efficient
-       Compatible with most standard hub dynamos
-       Comes with a 1-year performance warranty
Included in the package:
-       LightCharge for Hub Bicycle USB Charger
-       Instruction manual (English)

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