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RBbell is a battery operated bike bell that warns others who are using your shared footway that you are heading in their way. Safe cycling is paramount in assisting our roads and shared footways to be user friendly for all concerned, including cyclists, joggers, walkers and pedestrians. Footways are getting more and more congested with the steady increase in the number of people taking up recreational activities.

A bicycle bell is simply a courteous warning to others that you are approaching. It has become a part of cycling etiquette to use your road bike bell on shared footways. Used when required, the RBbell is designed to make cycling safe and fun.

RBbell Benefits

With a simple installation process (refer to the RB Installation page on this website), the RBbell is live and loud, and in no time a road bike can be fitted with a bicycle bell that is suitably designed for today’s modern cyclist.

The RBbell is a water resistant battery operated bike bell that will operate for up to two years. This bicycle bell has been designed to offer the ultimate in cycling experience.

Designed specifically so that a cyclist will not have to take a single hand off the handlebar to trigger their bicycle bell, the RBbell encourages cyclists to concentrate on cycling and not have to worry about multi-tasking. The easily accessible RBbell removes the sense of insecurity when having to take a hand off the handlebar, especially when cycling at high speeds, on uneven pathways or loose gravel trails.

The RBbell is modern in design, making it an appealing safety component for any bike. Fitting any style of handlebar, this road bike bell is suitable for any type of bicycle, including recreational and serious racing.

Cycle responsibly with the RBbell. Find out where you can get the RBbell bicycle bell on the Dealer Locator page.

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