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High performance chain cleaner/degreaser, to reduce chain friction caused by contamination. 

With everything your chain goes through, with all that gets thrown at it during a ride, you need a specially formulated chain cleaner to keep it at its best; the cleaner it is, the more efficient your chain will be. Gumchained Remedy is a strong solvent with superb penetrating properties to remove dirt, grime and old oil residues and sludge - making your chain almost as good as new. Suits direct or device application. Please note that you will need to re-lube your chain after using Gumchained Remedy.

Also available as a KWIPE; our quick wipe single use solution.

Please note: closure/cap may differ from that shown.

Instructions: Pour Gumchained Remedy directly into your chain cleaning tool, or onto a chain cleaning sponge. Clasp the sponge or device around the chain and turn the pedals backwards for 30-60 seconds. Dry chain with clean cloth, then re-lube entire drivetrain.

Limon Velo vs Gumchained Remedy; What's The Difference?

Within our product range we have two degreasers.  Seemingly, they perform the same task (getting rid of oil and grease), but they do it in a different way for different reasons.

Limon Velo is a water based degreaser; purposefully more viscous (thicker) than similar on the market, it is designed to sit and dwell on your drivetrain.  Spray liberally over derailleurs, jockey wheel and cassette and leave it for a few minutes.  That bit's important.  Limon Velo emulsifies the grease deposits, and it's during this dwell time that it breaks down the gunk.  

Once you've allowed it to dwell, scrub with a brush or cellulose sponge.  You can see from the video below - after a scrub, because of the emulsification, you can simply rinse with water to reveal a now-clean surface.

Gumchained Remedy, our chain cleaning specific degreaser, is solvent based.  It's a lot thinner than Limon Velo, and other degreasers on the market, to penetrate inside the chain to the links.   It breaks down the grease and oil on impact, so can be used in a chain cleaning device (such as Sprocket Rocket), a chain cleaning sponge (like Cell Foam - as seen in the video below) or even something as simple as a wipe (KWIPES).

Once you've used Gumchained Remedy, be sure to rinse to remove any trace of solvent.  Alternatively, leave for a short while (30mins) to allow trace solvents to flash away.

As you can see; though both remove grease and oil, they do it in unique ways.  The perfect combination for cleaning your whole drivetrain (chain, derailleurs, jockey wheel, cassette) is both Limon Velo and Gumchained Remedy.  Used in conjunction with one another, you'll find it quick and easy to keep on top of your drivetrain cleaning.