Bicycle Servicing

 Why Is Servicing & Maintenance Important?

Regular servicing & maintenance of your bike helps ensure that the mechanisms are running efficiently and free of worn/damaged components. Such proactive maintenance prevents small problems from turning into costly repairs, and extends the life of your bike through consistent servicing care. It is crucial to service your bikes if you:

  • Ride your bike frequently (especially when it comes into repeated contact with dirt, sand, mud or rain)
  • Have not ridden your bike for an extended period (bikes may be prone to deterioration and rust whilst in storage)

Don't wait for issues to arise – schedule your servicing appointment with us today to keep the wheels turning smoothly!

Our Servicing Packages

Hello, Bicycle! offers 3 types of bicycle servicing: Essential*, Standard, and Premium.

As your safety is our priority, our mandatory bike inspection during servicing might flag up additional components that require replacement/servicing which is subjected to additional cost. You will be informed of the discovery, and the decision is still yours to choose whether you would like to proceed with the additional cost of replacement/servicing on top of the servicing package.

Essential Servicing* Standard Servicing Premium Servicing
Duration 2-3 business working days 3-5 business working days 5-7 business working days
Services Full thorough bike inspection Full thorough bike inspection Full thorough bike inspection
Re-indexing of gears Re-indexing of gears Re-indexing of gears
Setting up of derailleur limits Setting up of derailleur limits Setting up of derailleur limits
Tuning up brakes Tuning up brakes Tuning up brakes
Check/pump tires Check/pump tires Check/pump tires
- Full drivetrain service Full drivetrain service
- - Full cleaning
- - Polishing frame/fork
- - Greasing of parts and bearings
Price $50 $80 $200

The below 2 services are not included in our servicing packages, and can be added on to your selected package for an additional fee:

  1. Wheel Truing - $20 per wheel
    [Changing the tension of spokes to improve the straightness and roundness, or trueness, of the wheel]

  2. Bicycle Brake Bleeding - $20 per side (i.e. front/rear brakes)
    [Removing of any bubbles of air from a hydraulic system and replacing old brake fluid]

    *Note: Customers are entitled to a one-time Complimentary Essential Servicing (CES) within the first 6 months of your bike purchase from Hello, Bicycle! Customers may also choose to upgrade their CES by making a one-time top up of:

    • $30 to receive Standard Servicing 
    • $150 to receive Premium Servicing

    All servicing packages does not include pick-up and/or delivery services. If you are unable to personally bring your bike to and fro our service centre, you may opt for our delivery services:

    • 1-way pick-up or delivery: $40 (for 1-2 bikes) | $50 (for 3-4 bikes)
    • 2-way pick-up and delivery: $70 (for 1-2 bikes) | $90 (for 3-4 bikes)

    Other Services

    Aside from servicing and maintenance, we also provide the following:

    1. Bicycle Assembly - $50
      [Expert assembly assistance to ensure your new bike is meticulously put together and finely tuned]

    2. Bicycle Packing - $70
      [Ideal for customers traveling internationally; Dismantling of bicycles into components, securely packaging them and providing suitable boxes for safe transportation] 
      Please note that transportation arrangements remain the customer's responsibility

      Booking An Appointment 

      To book a servicing appointment, drop us an email at SINGAPORE@HELLOBICYCLE.COM.SG with the following:

      • Type of Servicing Package Chosen (+ any add-on services selected)
      • Issues you are facing with your bike (if any)
      • Pictures of your bike/issue if possible
      Once your appointment is booked, please make your necessary personal arrangements to drop your bike at our Hello, Bicycle! Service Centre. You may also opt for our pick-up/delivery services as mentioned above.

      For any further enquiries about our servicing packages, or if you're not sure what servicing your bike needs, feel free to give us a call at 6734 7708