Interlock - integrated into seatpost bicycle lock

by: Interlock

This product seeks to solve a problem - the annoyance of carrying bike locks.

The InterLock is a Seatpost and a Bike lock in one. To install, all you need to do is replace your seatpost. The lock is fully integrated and is not removable from the seatpost. At the Taipei Cycle Show 2014, InterLock won Gold for design and innovation in cycling!



One of the most common questions people ask is: "Well, if I just remove the seatpostthen I can steal the whole bike, right?" - Nice try, but no! It's important to use the lock like any other bike lock, run the lock through the frame of the bike to ensure it's used correctly.

Concerns about security - this lock is intended to be the most convenient way to lock your bike to a fixed object. It is not the strongest lock and it is not intended to be. In high risk areas, it's a good idea to use the lock as a secondary lock, securing the seatpost, frame, and rear wheel to an object, while you use an additional lock to secure the front wheel and frame to the fixed object.

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