Basic Servicing

by: Hello, Bicycle! (sg)

During the high demand we accept our brands by appointment only!

For an appointment please email to


 Basic Package (3-5 working days)

  1. Re-indexing of gears
  2. Setting up derailleur limits
  3. Tuning up brakes
  4. Re-application of chain lube and bike frame wipe down (not include drivetrain)


Additional add on:

  1. Rust removal $20-$50
  2. Installation of your own parts/accessories $20-$50
  3. Delivery (one way $35 / two ways $60)


*Do take note that any parts replacements needed during servicing e.g. brake pads, tube, tires, shifter and brake cables etc. will be charged additionally.

*please do email us pictures of your bike if you need premium service (


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