Why you don’t sell racing bikes? 

Our company specializes in bicycles for leisure and commuting, so called lifestyle bikes. Probably we have ultimate range of this kind (in Singapore). If you are looking for fitness bike we have lots to offer. There is a wide range of bicycles for high speed in our store. If you are a professional racer and you need a bike for competitions, probably  you have to turn for shops offering such type but don’t expect them to be cheap.  Take in account, that manufacturing of a light bike may be 1000 $S more expensive for every 150 gm off. Are you sure that you really need this particular type that definitely will cost you about 10 000$S or even over? We believe that 99% of riders don’t need this slightly light bike for this price. We sell beautiful and comfortable bicycles for people, who like leisure ridding or even practice cycling as a sport, but are not keen to set professional records.   


Why you don’t sell mountain-bikes?

In our opinion mountain-bikes are quite narrow-profiled type for cross-country ridding, hence there is no opportunity to enjoy it in Singapore. To use this bike in the city is not convenient and doesn’t have sense. Ridding of mountain bike on a concrete road is rather tough work and can be even dangerous due to its hard damping units, that increase chances of being injured while breaking at high speed. If you like mountain - bike, think where you are planning to use it? If you mostly ride on the hard covered paths in the park, we are sure that a regular lifestyle bike is the most appropriate choice.   


Which bike does fit me?/ Which type do I need? 

The best answer to this question - Welcome to our show room at 135 Middle Rd. #01-01!   We will pick out a bike of you dream - beautiful, right size, comfortable and speedy, one will satisfy you. We sell multipurpose bikes, that equally can be used for leisure ridding in the park or along the beach,  your trips to work or to shops, speedy journeys  around the city or even tourist trips for a long distance. Welcome to our Showroom  and we will pick out a bike of your dream! We have large stocks. There are over a hundred combinations of colours and models. 


Do you  deliver?

Any bicycle acquired in our store, we deliver for flat rate 35$ island-wide. 


Why desirable model is out of stock? When can it be available? 

Despite the fact that our stands offer a wide range of different colors and sizes, nevertheless some models can just simply be more popular. We have regular supplies. Probably, the bike, you like, will be available in a short time. Anyway we would recommend you to drop by our Showroom, perhaps you will turn for another model or color. Please notice that bikes can look slightly different from their image on the website.   


Warranty and maintenance policy

We provide different warranty conditions for different brands of bicycles and its components. In fact our bikes last many years. However if anything happens to your bike within the warranty period, that hardly to expect, we will repair it shortly. If anything happens within fourteen days from the date of purchase we will replace bike for free or refund you money. Please, pay your attention that the warranty doesn’t cover cases of improper use and mechanical damages caused by negligence. 

LINUS - 5 years frame and fork and 1 year for other components. Details are here.

CREME - LIFETIME warranty for frame and forks, 2 years for other components and 1 year for paint. Details are here.

VIVA - 1 year warranty for whole bike.

BUDNITZ - LIFETIME warranty for frame and fork and 3 years warranty for components.

SCHINDELHAUER - 1 year warranty for whole bike. 




  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Improper maintenance or spare-parts and/or accessories installation.
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse or neglect
  • Warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork, or components.
  • This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item and is the sole remedy of the warranty. 
  • This warranty applies not only to the original owner, it is transferable.
  • “Hello, Bicycle!” is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages.
  • This warranty does not apply to special and clearance sale items.

Proof of purchase is required (original or photocopy).


If anything happens to your bike by accident and cannot be fixed under the warranty, then repair costs are on you, however we offer reasonable repair scheme. We recommend to make servicing for your bike at least once in 6-12 month (depends of how often you use your bike and it’s storage conditions). First maintenance service within a year after purchase is free of charge. We also can pick up a bike from your place and bring it back after service. Pick up/ drop off service is 50$S flat rate island wide. (Attention! Price doesn’t include maintenance service costs)  


Price of standard maintenance service includes:

Chain lubrication (excluding belt-driven models)

Belt and chains tension

Adjusting of motion parts

Check-up of breaks conditions and their replacement if necessary

Check-up of wheels (as well about punctures)

Installation of optional equipment

Other tune-ups and adjustments if necessary 



Please don’t forget to look through the manuals by our manufactures here.

LINUS owner's manual

CREME owner's manual 


Your bike looks as vintage sometimes?

It seems that bikes’ design hardly changes over the years. However bikes’ spare parts and components are improving constantly.  Despite the fact our bikes have vintage appearance, they are made of high tensile steel, chromoly steel, aluminium or titanium. Newest technologies used for internal hubs, brakes, moving parts etc. Thus our bikes are manufactured within the high end Japanese and European technologies.    


Where are our bikes designed and produced? 

CREAM bikes are designed and manufactured in Poland, in Europe. LINUS bikes are designed  in USA and manufactured in China. VIVA bikes are designed in Denmark and manufactured in Taiwan. Do we concern about the bicycles produced in China? Are you worried about quality of IPhone?  They are also manufactured in China. Under constant quality control the factories produce high quality bikes. Moreover most of world leading manufactures place their production sides in China and Taiwan. The exception is done only for the most exclusive and specific models.   

How to choose a right size of my bike? 

To choose right bike size is essential issue to do. You will enjoy riding it; you won’t have pain and tiring feeling in your back and legs, if you choose one that fits you.  More details how to choose a bike read here.


Refund & Exchange Policy

Within fourteen days from the date of purchase, in case of any defects with your bike, that by the way hardly can be expected, we will refund you money or exchange your bike for the same new bike or offer you another model with discount. 

You can decline your purchase with full refund, if you haven’t ridden your bike. Moreover we will give you an opportunity to try one to reassure that it suits you. 

What to do if you have changed your mind and want another type of bike? If from the date of purchase only few days have passed and you haven’t used it we can discuss your matter and try to satisfy your wish to change the bike. Subject is to the final management approval.