International shipping

We can ship bicycles and accessories internationally. Our priority destinations are

- Malaysia - from 50sgd per bicycle. 

- Indonesia - from 50sgd per bicycle. 

- Thailand - from 75sgd per bicycles. 

- Hong Kong - from 70sgd per bicycle. 

- Australia - from 100sgd per bicycle. 

- Philippines - from 100sgd per bicycle

- China - from 100sgd per bicycle. 

- Vietnam - from 100sgd per bicycle. 




Usually we don't ship accessories, unless they are very small and can fit into the same box as a bicycle.

If you buy more than one bike, we will send you an extra shipping invoice separately. 


Internationally, we ship bicycles in boxes partially disassembled. You will need to attach yourself 5 bicycle parts - SADDLE, PEDALS, HANDLEBAR, FRONT-WHEEL, FRONT-FENDER (if any). It will take you about 30 minutes and can be done with inexperienced people. Tools are supplied. Before sending we assembling a bike ourself in order to make sure that there are no defects. Then we disassemble it (partially), pack into the same box and ship to you. 
How does the box look.
WARNING! You are responsible for paying any custom duties and taxes. We ship by TNT. You may be asked to pay custom duties upon receipt.