Double kickstand CL-KA56

by: HB

You want a double leg kickstand but the regular ones won't fit your bike with gears, derailleur, etc. Check out our side-folding double kickstand!
This nifty design has 2 legs when in the down position but folds up to the left side just like the regular old single leg kickstands. The leg height is adjustable by loosening the leg screw, sliding the foot down to the desired position and re-inserting the screw to fix the position.


* Bike kickstand Fits 24" - 28" bikes
* Adjusts from 11.2" to 15.3" high (from ground to mounting plate on your bike)
* Adjust leg height by removing screw, slide leg to desired position and re-insert screw and tighten
* Feet width is minimum 8" when in the down position (increasing to 9" when feet are adjusted to lowest position)
* Construction is all Aluminum upper with tough plastic lower legs and feet
* Applications: MTB & ATB, Road & Racing (Not recommended for electric or motorized bikes)
* Weighs 539g (1 lb 3 oz.) as shown in picture

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