Numero 5510C Color

by: Abus

Numero 5510C/180/10

The Numero 5510 Color Spiral Cable Lock from ABUS is fun for all the family. Choose your favourite bright colour.

Numero 5510 Color


This ABUS bicycle lock makes protecting against theft much more fun. For the whole family.

Bike locks don't always need to be black and inconspicuous. Make a colourful mark and opt for the brightly-coloured Coil Cable Lock Numero 5510 Color from ABUS. The combination lock is available in red, blue, pink and light green. There is definitely something here for everyone. With a brightly-coloured bike lock, you'll be able to recognise your bike even from afar. Moreover, children find colourful combination locks much more enjoyable. The Coil Cable Lock Numero 5510 Color opens with a four-digit number code which you can set individually.


  • 10 mm thick, high-quality and super flexible spiral cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork
  • Dark-touch function facilitates use in the dark thanks to special embossing
  • Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits
  • The number code can be set individually


  • Good protection at low theft risk
  • Recommended for securing entry-level and children's bikes


  • Coil cable locks offer a compact transport size and have an extremely multifunctional and practicable length
  • The combination lock is particularly suitable for use by several people

Tech Specs:

  • Lenght: 180cm
  • Security Level: 3
  • Carrier: SCMU
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Locking type: Combination

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