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The PIXEO can be described by 3 main characteristics: smaller, slimmer and lighter. Thanks to its unique design and wide glass, the PIXEO provides a high visibility on the road nevertheless. It has 1 bright LED, which creates a light output of 8 Candela and a visibility of the light beam from 500 meters. Together with its integrated reflector, this rearlight offers optimal safety on the road, since you are not only visible from the rear, but also from the sides.

Pixel-sized, but powerful! Welcome to the product page of the PIXEO rearlight. A perfect rearlight for mudguard mounting, but thanks to (optional) brackets suitable for all kinds of bikes and mountable in numerous other positions. The PIXEO is available in 1 dynamo version and 2 battery versions (either with or without an Automatic sensor), optionally with a protection bracket for the standard battery version. 

Functions & Performance

The PIXEO is available in 3 different versions and 2 different colours: black and chrome. Besides, the standard battery version (XB) is also available with a robust protector bracket BR 07. This bracket is made out of steel and protects the PIXEO from damage, for example when your bicycle falls down or when another vehicle bumps into it.

The dynamo version of the PIXEO features the innovative Safe-Stop function. This function makes the light burn for 4 extra minutes after the bike stops and increases the safety for you as a cyclist tremendously.

The battery versions of the PIXEO rearlight are available with an Automatic sensor (XBA) or without (XB). This sensor measures the level of darkness outside and switches the light ON and OFF automatically.

Both battery versions of the PIXEO have an impressive lifetime of 120h. This is absolutely extraordinary for a battery rearlight with this light output! They work with 2x AAA batteries, supplied with the rearlights. Is your battery almost empty? Don’t worry, because the handy battery load indicator signals you right on time to replace the batteries.

The PIXEO rearlight is conform to German, French and Danish standards.


Light Beam

Technical Specifications

Versions: XB

Light source: 1 red LED > 8 Cd

Power source: Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V

Autonomy: Max. 120h

Weight: <40g