Steel-O-Chain 5805C

by: Abus

Chain Lock 5805C

With this chain lock, you no longer have to worry about the numbers wearing out.


ABUS leaves nothing to chance. We have fitted this chain lock with high-quality, two-component number reels. That way, you will get years of enjoyment out of your lock.

The numbers on this combination lock remain legible even after prolonged use. We want you to enjoy your bicycle and your ABUS lock for as long as possible. That is why we don't apply colour to the numbers and produce the number reel from two durable components.


  • 5 mm square chain with textile sleeve to prevent damage to the paintwork
  • The chain is made of special steel
  • Two-component number reels guarantee long-term readability of the digits
  • The number code can be set individually

Operation and use:

  • Great protection where there is a low risk of theft
  • Recommended for the protection of low-range bicycles
  • The longer the chain, the easier it is to attach to a fixed object


  • For protected transport we recommend e.g. the frame bag ST 2012, ST 2200, ST 2250 or the ST 8130 L


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