ABUS BORDO™ Alarm Lock

ABUS BORDO™ Alarm Lock

BORDO™ Alarm – ABUS’ first folding lock with alarm

Give your bike lock a voice and improve your bike security

The BORDO™ Alarm from ABUS features a built-in alarm that is as loud as a pneumatic drill. As our first folding lock with alarm, it is setting new standards in bike security.

The classic BORDO™lock has gone mechatronic

ABUS’ first folding lock with alarm boasts exceptional mechanical security, as well as a 100 dB alarm.
The alarm is triggered in the event of any attempted theft, acting as a deterrent for thieves.

Changing the battery in the BORDO™ Alarm

The BORDO™ Alarm is fitted with a standard CR2 battery. The battery can be easily changed by hand without any additional tools.
When the battery is losing power or going flat, the lock emits a warning tone each time you engage the locking bar. This sound is different from the usual sound when you close the lock. It is recommended that you change the battery after at least a year to maintain the product guarantee. 

Ideal bracket solution for the BORDO™ Alarm

The bracket design is compact, making it easy to transport the lock on your bike frame. The lock can be tilted forwards and removed in one easy action. The alarm can also be switched to transport mode to ensure that it is not active during transport. This setting is adjusted using the locking bar.

Using the lock and alarm function

1. Remove the lock from the bracket and place in the required position. You can choose to use the lock with the alarm function activated or deactivated by adjusting the locking bar.

2. In transport mode the alarm is not active.

3. You activate the alarm by clicking the locking bar one step further into the lock (3.) When you now close the lock, you will hear a short beep which confirms that the alarm has been activated (4).

The alarm

As shown in the video, the BORDO™ emits an initial warning alarm if the lock is knocked briefly. If nothing else happens, the warning alarm stops and the alarm remains active.

If the lock continues to be tampered with, the main alarm is triggered.

If the alarm has been set off in error, the noise will stop after 60 seconds; otherwise it continues for as long as the lock continues to be moved about.

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