Trade In Program

Trade In Program

Hey Cyclists!


Did you know that on average, bike riders only buy a new bike every 4 years?

One of the difficulties faced is: “What am I gonna do with my old bike?”

Well… now there’s a solution to that agile problem! 

Introducing The Hello Bicycle Trade-In Program!

The process is convenient, fast and simple.

We removed haggling with the sales person on trade-in value and avoid uncomfortable hassle associated with selling the bike. Like posting advertises, paying fees or even strangers visiting your house.

Trade In Program
3 easy steps to own a new bike!


Step 1

Send your request to or

  • Write down your full name and contact number
  • Attach the photos of your bicycle

*Valid on brands: Linus, Creme, Lekker, Shulz, Viva


Step 2

Bring your bike into Hello, Bicycle! store for «valuation» inspection

  • We conduct a 15 minutes inspection on your bike.


Step 3

Decide to use the full valuation towards and have fun picking out your new dream bike

  • Once you decide to “trade-in” we will give you the full value of your bike toward the purchase of any new bike or multiple bikes of greater value.
  • The “trade-in” valuation is valid for an immediate trade-in only.

* If you decide to think it’s over we just run a new valuation inspection whenever you are ready to make the trade.


Bike Qualifications

  • If your bike is not in the database it can still be valued but the process will take 24 hours

Bike Condition

  • Your bike should be clean, functioning, and in sellable condition

What to Bring

  • Obviously, we need the bike

Fighting Theft

  • We will need you sign an agreement that the bike is yours to sell


Let’s trade you in to a new dream bike!

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